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Free Assessment for children over 7 years


p/ lesson

Term 3, 2023
Monday 10th July 2023 until
ay 24th September 2023

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p/ lesson

Classes 7 days a week!


Baby Bubbles

Age: 3 months - 6 months

Introduction to the magic of the water. Baby and parent enter the water together to learn the basics of breath control, safety skills and foundations of movement in the water.

Duration: 30 min  Cost: $15.00


Age: 5 months - 16 months

A high energy, engaging swimming class for parent and baby. Babies begin to float and master breath control and submersion. Strong focus on safety skill basics and breath control. Babies work on going under the water at their own pace. Through song and moment, babies are encouraged to develop a love for the water at this young age.

Duration: 30 min  Cost: $20.00


Age: 13 months - 21 months

The starfish level is an extension for babies who have completed the Jellyfish program and ready to move to a more difficult skills set. Starfish are introduced to flotation at individuals need. Babies begin to enter the water without parent at their own pace. Babies at this level are excellent at going under water, blow bubbles, understand safety skills and have good balance when floating and moving in the water. 

Duration: 30 min  Cost: $22.00

Storytime Program

Age: 18 months + 

Students begin to swim through the storytime program. Each week the pool area is set up as a new adventure. Students enrolled in the  Seahorse (Beginner), Turtle (floating, balance,breathing) and Stingray (beginner stroke) levels will enjoy the learning journey. Progressing from these levels means children can swim confidently and safely, students will begin the technical stroking levels.

Duration: 30 min  Cost: $22.00

Stroking Levels

Age: 3 years + 

Our swim school prides ourselves in perfect stoking techniques. We offer a hands on path to learning all strokes. Our stroking levels, Flying Fish and Swordfish work on Freestyle, Backstroke and butterfly through drills and perfect practice. We look for uniform across all students when it comes to stroking technique setting students a foundation to build on in their squad development levels

Duration: 30 min  Cost: $22.00

Dolphin Level

Age: 4 years + 

Beginning level of squad. 

In this level children master all of the strokes, focusing however on Freestyle and Backstroke techniques. Must master these strokes before moving into the Shark squad. Independently start each lap on their own and begin to understand the expectations of a squad. There are 6 students to one teacher in a dolphin squad. Generally this level with work in 2 lines with 2 teachers having 6 students each.

Duration: 30 min  Cost: $22.00

Dolphin Swimming Cap

Shark Level

Age: 5 years +

Moving into our squad levels we have 4 levels of sharks. Reef, hammer, bull & tiger.  Each level focuses on a specific skill set and experiences with stroking and technique. To be placed in the correct level all new students must have an assessment at the office. With our focus on perfect technique, students that coming from other swim schools or returning after a break will be encouraged to do stroke correction lessons with our highly experienced stroking staff. This will be beneficial in the long run for the student to move forward as quickly as possible.

Duration: 45/60 min  Cost: $22.00
EquipmentShark Swimming Cap, flippers, kick board, pull bouy and gear bag

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